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Enjoy our thoughtful cost-effective solutions and award-winning hospitality practices. We focus on Galilee and Golan Heights areas.

Alex Pozdniakov Hospitality Management & Advisory

Hello! My name is Alex Pozdniakov. I’m Certified Property Manager of IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management, Chicago, Il) since 2007. I have passion for hospitality, working hands and a sober mind alone with 20 years of property management experience, 6 of them as a founder and CEO of my own branded, award-winning guesthouse.
Do you own an apartment, suburban house, zimmer or villa in Israel that you don’t live in all the time? Turn it into a source of sustainable income by managing short-term vacation rentals. This strategy generates more sales in a much more flexible way compared to long-term rentals.

Are you already accepting short-stays at your place but not satisfied with results? Dealing with guest interactions and reservation handling, cleaning, maintenance, collecting reviews, and all the other tasks might seem overwhelming. Allow me to provide you with expert guidance on how to make it work effectively.
Fair and clear contract with me brings you confidence, peace of mind, transparent reports along with new heights of income generated by your property. Charges depend on a service type — from fixed amount for advisory — to modest percentage of sales for day-to-day operational management.

Please fill up the request form at my website and I’ll get back to you with my expertize.
years of property management experience
years as founder and CEO of award-winning guesthouse
World-wide presence of your property
Careful maintenance
  • First, we'll assess the potential revenue that your property can generate based on its location, condition, and market demand.
  • Second, we'll identify the challenges and issues that need to be addressed by creating a checklist of changes and improvements. We'll work within your budget to make sure that every investment is worthwhile.
  • Third, we'll choose a marketing strategy that works best for your property. We'll use social media, booking platforms, and other promotional channels to get the word out and attract guests.
Take a chance on my advisory services in order to set your property's management in a regular and beneficial way, without stress and headache. So, what I’m talking about? What services I offer in order to make your property a perfect working asset?

I call it A-I-M, three consecutive steps up to the fresh profits – Assessment – Improvement – Marketing = AIM.

What you get

Guest communications & relations
Clear and fair reports
Just imagine such a perfect picture – your property is at your possession always when you want to use it and brings a better cash flow comparing to what long-term rental brings! Solution is smart management of vacation rentals!
Indian Achievers Award
Recommended on Tripadvisor Guest Review Award
Travel & Hospitality Award winner
Institute of Real Estate Management
Certified Property Manager (CPM)
Recognition of Excellence
2015 - 2020
2015 - 2020
2018 - 2019
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LTG Global awards

Achievements and Awards

Achievements and Awards

Services & Rates

We visit your property, evaluate its potential and make a checklist of “must do’s” to increase sales. You receive Do-It-Yourself comprehensive guide of how to achieve a new level of sales.
Advisory and Recommendations
Price — 1500 NIS (VAT incl.)
Rate description
(1) Visiting the property and understanding its physical conditions, neighborhood attractions and vibes
(2) Understanding sales potential and current sales channels — where, when and how your property is introduced to the market.

Result — comprehensive checklist of the actions to take to improve sales. With exact things to do at the property, with reference links to products or services. Small renovations and style up-lifting, plants and outdoors shades, up to kitchen utensils — all with reasonable and cost-effective approach. Sales channels launching hints or adjustments recommendations. You will get a step-by-step guide which, once fulfilled, will revive your sales and bring them to new heights.

Duration of visit — 2 hours. Time of checklist ready — 1 day.
Do not feel confident about implementing the recommendations by your own? I take care of it and manage all the tasks that come out of the checklist.
Property Improvements & Sales Channels Set
Price — 4500 NIS (VAT incl.)
Rate description
(1) Finding a relevant contractor and control him all the way he works at your property
(2) Buying and installing things and appliances needed
(3) Registering your property on or adjusting the sales channels (, Airbnb, Expedia, Agoda, Facebook and few more)

Result: You’ll get your property ready for new bookings providing the best guest’s experience.
All only by your consent and under your budget.
Timing depends on tasks, but it won’t be more than 2 weeks in 90% cases.
Day-by-day management of your property. This means that all actions from accepting bookings and meeting guests at check-ins and check-outs, premises maintenance and cleaning, along with marketing tasks will be performed by me and my team. All these by fair and clear agreement.
Operational Management
Rate description
(1) Rates and availability management via numerous sales channels
(2) Communications with guests, check-ins and check-outs in person
(3) Daily maintenance, cleaning, laundry, garbage utilization etc.
(4) Repairs and keeping your property in a 100% always-ready-to-host condition
(5) Guest’s reviews collecting, achieving and maintaining of high level of guest’s satisfaction
(6) Promotion and marketing via social media - Facebook, Instagram
(7) Real time clear reports and payouts

Result: Your property is managed in a professional manner and brings you maximum possible revenue and raises its attractiveness online. You have confidence, peace of mind, transparent reports and accurate payouts.

Time: During agreement validity. You can quit anytime following the last reservation booked.
Price: 30% of total cleared (after sales channels commission) revenue generated after date of transition of management.

Long-Term Rentals vs. Short-Term Rentals Comparison

Long lasting agreement
Liability insurance
Interactions with tenants and problem solving
Maintenance & Repairs
Fixed & Utility costs payment responsibility
Property available for owner's enjoyment
Extra revenue
on owner
on owner
on owner
on tenant
on property manager
on property manager
on property manager
on owner

Are you already doing a short-stay rentals at your place?

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